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Tiffany Alexandria

Contemporary Visual Artist and Indie-Children's Book Author



Creatiffy Art & Designs is a B2C online art shop by Tiffany Alexandria. Offering a bold, avant-garde, vision, crafting and retailing original works of art from her home studio in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Providing contemporary paintings and drawings for purchase as well as cleverly hand-crafted mini paintings, called Little Art Greetings. Tiffany is also an indie author and sells copies of her first children’s book Barbra & Benny Love-bot Save Robotopia. Shipping is offered across the United States and Canada, we also offer local delivery or pick up for large specialty items for a fee. This December 2023: Tiffany will be offering high quality prints shipped to your door across the United States and Canada as well.



Tiffany Alexandria

Born in the Chicago Suburbs, Tiffany Alexandria is an award-winning artist and self-published children’s book author and a participant in the 2021 Florence Biennale, The Eternal Woman.  Alexandria contrives from her most instinctual notions and creates from an inner place of color and robust imagination. Completing a two-year undergraduate degree in art and design in 2018, from Los Angeles Valley College, Alexandria has had partial formal artist training and is primarily a self-taught artist. Although ironically having sought out formal artist training, she has been praised by professors and teachers and respected artists, for her unacademic art style in drawing and painting.


Alexandria is accomplished in portrait and figure drawing and painting and is greatly influenced by expressive art and cubism. With elements of new age spirituality and femininity, her style and application are shaped by art movements like cubism, the impressionistic era, post-impressionism art, and expressionism, and is influenced by 1920s art deco. Her work is Influenced but not conceptualized by ancient art and sculpture from various archaic cultures, which drives Alexandria to design her canvas. Directing her views from this place she has been concentrating on celebrating female influence, creating empowering cubist and expressive images of women, and initiating an energizing narrative in her work. Much of Alexandria’s work speaks to unconventional female sexuality and heroism while at the same time exploring the concept of “strange “beauty.


At times Alexandria likes to alchemize repurposed materials to create her art, objects that would otherwise be thrown away, like glass bottles, cardboard backings anything that can hold paint or pigment. Using anything from dry pigments like chalk, colored pencils, wet media, and watercolors, to acrylic, oil paints, goal leaf, markers, ink, or simply monochromatic expressions with graphite or chalk, she finds and utilizes any materials available to create her designs.  

Pursuing her art career since 2016, Alexandria is always looking for opportunities to share her artwork with her community. She also promotes and sells Little Art Greetings of her art, at local cafes and bookstores. From the comfort of her home studio, she works and lives with her husband, daughter, and her cat.

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