Tiffany Alexandria

Contemporary American Artist and Self-published Children's book Author

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Little Art Greetings

Original Art

Little Art Greetings are small reproductions of my art, which will be available for sale online, via my Instagram, check out with the product #hashtags @getpaloma, or directly through my Facebook shop, Female Empowerment Art. They will also be available for sale at several local bookstores and cafes around San Antonio. Each one is unique and is its own piece of art. It’s a fun keepsake or makes a small gift with a message on the back.

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Tiffany Alexandria

Tiffany Alexandria is an award-winning artist who was born in 1985 in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Growing up she has always been an artist at heart, indulging in crayons and markers any chance she could get. Just when she was 5 years old, she used to draw things she saw upside down on the paper, suggesting to her elders that this child sees things differently.  When asked what her favorite color was, she would say “banana” or “bow”, referring to the splendor of the things she saw and could name, the yellow of the banana and the pink of her pink bows. To quote Pablo Picasso “Every child is an artist…”, Alexandria never let go of her childlike wonder to create art, and it has become a necessary outlet for her in her life.

 Contriving from her most instinctual notions Alexandria creates from an inner place of color and creativity. Directing her views from this place she has been focused on celebrating female vitality, creating empowering cubist and expressive portraits of women, and creating a female narrative in her work. Other subjects she focuses her art around are understanding different ancient cultural and spiritual beliefs and how they connect. Alexandria’s vision comes from a very visceral place and her creative process mostly revolves around meditation.

  Much of her work is mixed media, using anything from colored pencils, and watercolors, to acrylic, oil paints, goal leaf, or simply monochromatic expressions with graphite or chalk. Alexandria also expresses her vision as a self-published children’s book author and published her first book in 2016, Barbra and Benny Lovebot Save Robotopia. Alexandria is influenced by ancient art, like Hindu Gods and sculptures, Egyptian art, Norse Sagas, mythology, Greek mythology, etc. She is influenced by artists like Pablo Picasso, George Condo, Alice Neel, Georgia O’Keefe, Vincent Van Gogh, Yayoi Kusama, Gustave Klimt, Henri Rousseau, and Helen Dryden, interior designer William Morris, Philip Guston, Tamara de Lempicka, Edvard Munch, and many more.

Tiffany Alexandria received an award for her art from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles CA, where her art is on display in the iconic art deco building. Her art has been involved in the 13th Florence Biennale; The Eternal Woman. A portrait she drew of Stephan Colbert was featured at the end of the monologue in 2018, on the Late Show with Stephan Colbert. A pop art portrait she drew of Bernie Sanders was involved with his 2020 presidential run where the artist donated hundreds of posters and prints of her work to raise money for the grassroots presidential campaign.

 Alexandria displays her work whenever she can and creates and sells Little Art Greetings of her art, at local cafes and bookstores around San Antonio. Alexandria's work is for sale on many different online platforms and is also willing to work on commission. Feel free to contact her directly via email ( for more information about her art.

Currently based in San Antonio Texas since 2020, Alexandria works from her home studio where she lives with her husband, daughter, and her cat.

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