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Tiffany Alexandria

Contemporary American Artist and Self-published Children's book Author



Tiffany Alexandria

 Born in the Chicago Suburbs and based in San Antonio Texas since 2020, Tiffany Alexandria is an award-winning artist and a participant in the 2021 Florence Biennale, The Eternal Woman.  Alexandria contrives from her most instinctual notions and creates from an inner place of color and robust imagination. Completing a two-year undergraduate degree in fine arts in 2018, from Los Angeles Valley College, Alexandria has had partial formal artist training and is primarily a self-taught artist. Although ironically having sought out formal artist training, she has been praised by professors and teachers and other respected artists, for her unacademic art style.


 Alexandria’s art is about unconventional female sexuality and prowess while at the same time exploring the concept of “strange “beauty in her work. With elements of new age spirituality, her style and application are shaped by art movements like cubism, the impressionistic era, post-impressionism art, and expressionism, and is inspired and enchanted by 1920s art deco. However, her inspiration and fascination lie with ancient art, ancient sculptures, from Hinduism, ancient America, Chinese art, Egyptian art, Norse Sagas, and Greco-Roman sculpture and mythology. Directing her views from this place she has been concentrating on celebrating female influence, creating empowering cubist and expressive images of women, and initiating an energizing narrative in her work. She exercises her appreciation of archaic mystical beliefs and her art is influenced but not conceptualized from there. Alexandria’s vision comes from a very visceral inner place and her creative process mostly revolves around her instincts coming from an area of solitude to gain a unique perspective.


At times Alexandria alchemizes repurposed materials to create her art, much of her work is mixed media. She will create her work using anything from dry pigments like chalk, colored pencils, wet media, and watercolors, to acrylic, oil paints, goal leaf, or simply monochromatic expressions with graphite or chalk. Not limiting herself to any particular medium. 


Tiffany Alexandria has been on her art journey since 2016 and displays her work whenever she can and creates and sells Little Art Greetings of her art, at local cafes and bookstores around San Antonio, Texas. Tiffany Alexandria works from her home studio where she lives with her husband, daughter, and her cat Ruby.

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