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Generally, within my work, I like to try and capture a visual, of what human thoughts and emotions look or feel like. To create my imagery I use an array of modalities like, cubist and deconstruction techniques, not limiting myself to what I can convey. Portraiture is a fascination of mine, I use rough drawing techniques with graphite, colored pencil, marker, or pastel to candidly experiment with the features of the human face or body. In order to create an emotive visual, I use saturated bold application of color and expressive pencil or paint strokes. It is very important for me as an artist to continue to expand on my work in terms of style and modality and to break new ground in terms of my art.

Recently, I have been exploring culture as well as people on a collective and individual scale. Most of my work explores women and how it is to experience life as a woman, I have done this through a series of expressive portraits. My goal is to open a visual dialogue within my work into a sensual, mysterious, rebellious, and even perhaps, socially unacceptable quality, I see in myself, as a woman, as well as the collective.

In developing my methodologies, I am beginning to conceptualize unconventional religion, fitting women into the conversation as a source of significance within a visual contemporary context. Alongside this, I like to theorize different deities from Hindu, Greek, Norse, and Christian faith, by contrasting and comparing them to the human disposition.  Working within these themes, I like to theorize classic art to contemporary people and events. 

Another practice of mine is the commitment to painting and drawing the faces of notable artists, and great minds of our time, as well as historical figures, whom I personally admire. Some of the faces I've painted and drawn are, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Greta Thunberg, Stephan Colbert, and Bernie Sanders, etc. 

At times, I do not limit what my canvas surface can be, and I draw my inspiration from salvaged materials, such as cardboard backings, ripped or damaged canvases, mat-board, and scrap-wood as well as a variety of objects and materials that can be potentially used as a surface to draw or paint on. I began using these salvaged materials out of necessity, yet now I choose to use these materials conceptually in my work, to incorporate what others may deem disposable into my artistic practice. We live in a world of excess and waste, especially in the United States, so while I derive inspiration from these recycled items, I feel it is important for the conservation of our planet as well. Especially during these times, I am proud to salvage and reconstitute what I can.



Tiffany Alexandria

Tiffany Alexandria is an award-winning contemporary American painter and internationally recognized emerging artist born in Chicago, Illinois. Alexandria's bold use of color and unconventional drawing techniques with conceptual rigor underpin the basis of her artwork. She experiments with a range of expressive modalities, exploring contemporary culture from the female viewpoint. 

Alexandria’s art career began in 2017 while living in Los Angeles California, at the time she was transitioning out of a 10-year career as a massage therapist. Since dedicating herself fulltime to her art she has been recognized internationally on multiple emerging artist platforms. Her artwork has also been featured on the leading U.S. late-night television show, with comedian Stephan Colbert, in 2019. Alexandria’s work was signed on as a part of the U.S. Senator's, Bernie Sanders presidential campaign run in 2020. Her artwork was featured on an official campaign ad, featuring a speech by rapper Killer Mike, "The Time Is Now".  In the fall of 2020 Alexandria’s work was seen in House & Garden magazine U.K., for the Autumn print campaign, which is produced by Condé Nast. 

In 2018 Alexandria accepted an award from Loraine Bradley, at Southwestern Law School, which annually holds a prestigious citywide art competition. The competition celebrates the first African American mayor of Los Angeles, Mayor Tom Bradley, highlighting the mayor's unprecedented accomplishments throughout the city of Los Angeles. Alexandria's art remains on permanent display in the iconic display windows at the historical art-deco building. 

In addition, Alexandria also has a passion to communicate her vision through children’s books, she is a self-published children’s book author. In 2016 she wrote, illustrated, and self-published her first children’s book titled, Barbra and Benny Love-bot Save Robotopia. Her goal was to write a children's book that could colorfully and poetically speak to the younger generations about persistence in the face of setbacks. 

This October 2021 Alexandria will be displaying her art at the 13th Florence Biennale in Italy. She was personally invited to showcase her work and compete for the Lorenzo il Magnifico, by the President and Founder Pasquale Celona. Every other year the Florence Biennale enlivens the city of Florence with artists and craftsmen working in an array of media from across the world. This year’s theme will be The Eternal Feminine. World-renowned artists like David Hockney, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Gilbert and George, Marina Abramović, and many others, have also shown their art at this prestigious event.

Alexandria actively maintains her passion for art out of her home studio in San Antonio, Texas.


Los Angeles Valley College, Degree in Studio Art, and Design, 2019

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